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When Students Hate to Read Course Materials | William D. Prystauk

  I have had the pleasure of teaching online Writing for the Workplace courses at Kutztown University for roughly three years. To date, many successful students have stated that they... ...
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How do I…Add Activities (formerly known as QuickLinks)

Need to add a URL, wiki, blog or discussion to your course? Who doesn’t? Here you can find out how to add links to all kinds of content to your... ...
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How do I…Add a New Page

Do you need to add a custom page to your D2L course? The HTML editor available in the “Add New File” feature in the “Manage Content” area makes it easy... ...
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  • Improve Accessibility in Tomorrow’s Online Courses by Leveraging Yesterday’s Techniques June 30, 2014
    Traditionally, when a face-to-face student requested a sign language interpreter or other assistance, individualized accommodation arrangements were made through institutional channels. With the advent of online courses, however, the concept of accessibility has emerged. In contrast to the reactive, customized approach of accommodation, accessibility means p […]
    Emily A. Moore
  • Effective Feedback Strategies for the Online Classroom June 20, 2014
    Feedback is more than post-assignment commentary. When employed correctly, feedback can impact students on a variety of levels. It helps direct what they should do with their time, how they should feel about their efforts, whether their motivation level is appropriate, whether they are meeting expectations, and more. Because feedback serves so many purposes […]
    Jean Mandernach, PhD and Jennifer Garrett
  • Taming the Complainers October 9, 2013
    Do they have to whine about their grades?
  • Don't Be Hard to Get Along With September 24, 2013
    Why do faculty members insist on rigid rules to prepare students for the "real" world when that world is characterized by accommodation?