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Visualization | Albert S. Fu, Ph.D.

Visualization, or more specifically data visualization, is currently one of the big trends in communicating information in business, news media, and increasingly academic research and teaching. A 2013 white paper... ...
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How do I…Add Activities (formerly known as QuickLinks)

Need to add a URL, wiki, blog or discussion to your course? Who doesn’t? Check out the .pdf and YouTube video on adding activities (formerly known as QuickLinks) to your... ...
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How do I…Add a New Page

Do you need to add a custom page to your D2L course? The HTML editor available in the “Add New File” feature in the “Manage Content” area makes it easy... ...
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Back Issues

  • Moving a Face-to-Face Course Online without Losing Student Engagement April 14, 2014
    The rapid growth and popularity of online learning is necessitating the creation of online courses that actively engage learners. Research has shown that effective integration of multimedia that is content relevant and pedagogically sound can be a valuable teaching tool for facilitating student learning (Mandernach, 2009).
    Louise Sharrar and Paula Bigatel
  • Encouraging Online Learner Participation April 8, 2014
    Sustained, high-quality student participation usually doesn’t happen on its own in the online learning environment. The instructor needs to model participation, create assignments that encourage it, and foster an environment that supports it. Here are some ways that I promote student participation in my online courses.
    Joan Thormann, PhD.
  • Taming the Complainers October 9, 2013
    Do they have to whine about their grades?
  • Don't Be Hard to Get Along With September 24, 2013
    Why do faculty members insist on rigid rules to prepare students for the "real" world when that world is characterized by accommodation?