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When Students Hate to Read Course Materials | William D. Prystauk

  I have had the pleasure of teaching online Writing for the Workplace courses at Kutztown University for roughly three years. To date, many successful students have stated that they... ...
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How do I…Add Activities (formerly known as QuickLinks)

Need to add a URL, wiki, blog or discussion to your course? Who doesn’t? Here you can find out how to add links to all kinds of content to your... ...
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How do I…Add a New Page

Do you need to add a custom page to your D2L course? The HTML editor available in the “Add New File” feature in the “Manage Content” area makes it easy... ...
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  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Raising, Communicating, and Enforcing Expectations in Online Courses August 22, 2014
    As an instructor new to the online environment, I carefully reviewed the syllabus and the requirements for the course discussions and assignments and incorporated the following ideas from Myers-Wylie, Mangieri & Hardy: a “what you need to know” document that includes policies about late work, formatting, source citations, grading and feedback, and the da […]
    Marie A. Revak, PhD
  • How Teaching Online Made Me a Better Face-to-Face Instructor August 15, 2014
    I have been teaching online courses for more than eight years now. I was one of the first at my previous institution to transition a face-to-face (F2F) course to a 100% online course and now, in addition to my F2F courses, I also teach for two fully online institutions. However, I still find many of my F2F colleagues reluctant to make that transition. […]
    Tiffany M. Reiss, PhD
  • Taming the Complainers October 9, 2013
    Do they have to whine about their grades?
  • Don't Be Hard to Get Along With September 24, 2013
    Why do faculty members insist on rigid rules to prepare students for the "real" world when that world is characterized by accommodation?